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The contact me form on each worker’s profile allows an email to be sent directly to the support worker via Support Work HQ’s system.

We value your privacy & that of our staff. You can find our privacy policy here.

We recommend you provide some information about what support you are seeking.

The support worker will be able to reply to your email to start a conversation.
If you feel comfortable the next step is to set up a time for a meet up.  Meetups allow both parties to see if they would be a good fit.  A meet up can be in person or online via facetime, whatsapp video, zoom or skype. You can ask someone like a family member or friend to attend the meet up with you.

Discuss your support needs & agree on an hourly rate that works for your NDIS budget

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Support Work HQ does not charge agency rates. We charge a subscription fee for our payroll service that is billed monthly. It is $57 a week or approximately $3000 annually.
What this means is that the rate you agree to pay your support worker is the rate they “take home” . You may not know this but most agencies would charge for example $57 an hour for support. The worker would get, let’s say $35-45 an hour and the agency gets the difference of $12-22 an hour. Agencies don’t negotiate their rates. If you use 10 hours of support a week that’s on average $200 a week that the support worker misses out on. Support Work HQ does not work this way.
We empower Support Workers to set their own rates and provide exceptional service.
You get to deal directly with the worker, saving time and money.
There is less double handling and things run smoother.
Support Work HQ takes care of the administrative side such as billing,processing payroll, and other commitments such as ensuring that insurance is up to date, compulsory portable long service (PLSL) contributions are paid and work cover and superannuation payments are made on time.
Your worker will charge a base rate + superannuation + work cover + PLSL
Your contract will detail each of these rates and the total rate payable each hour.
You may agree on a different rate for different work days, such as evenings or weekends. You are billed for your support workers’ hours once a fortnight.

Note: Your subscription to our payroll service is billed separately on the same day each month.

Lodge an online form with the details you have agreed on.

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This information is used to create your service agreement.
If it is easier for you, you can request a call from our office and we can collect the details from you.

Receive your contract via email, sign digitally & get started

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We use a digital document service called docusign that allows you to sign the service agreement via a smartphone, tablet or laptop/computer.
If you have trouble using this system or need a paper copy we can arrange that for you.

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